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Chinrests and tailpieces

We carry the widest range of hand-crafted chinrest designs available on the market.  A variety of styles and heights ensure your personal preferences and comfort are realized.

We strive to provide a personal service to our customers based on our expertise, experience and a desire to provide the most comfortable chinrest possible…one they will be happy to use for many years to come.

Viola Chinrests

Our viola chinrests are available in standard sizes or can be made to order to fit individual instruments.

To create a bespoke chinrest we will need you to send us a drawing showing the outline of the viola, the point where the chinrest sits with the centre line of the bottom button clearly marked.  We also need to know the overall depth of your viola to ensure correct barrel lengths are fitted.  There is no extra charge for this service.


We are proud to supply hand-crafted French and English (Hill) style tailpieces of any length for both violins and violas.

Hand made from boxwood – stained or unstained, ebony, rosewood or African blackwood and fitted with frets of ebony, unstained boxwood or bone.  We never use ivory….ivory is for elephants!